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The Tanglin Highlands Programme

May 15, 2024

The Tanglin Highlands Programme is a five-week immersive learning journey at its Tanglin Gippsland campus in Australia and is the pinnacle of a Year 9’s Middle School education at Tanglin. Since Year 9 will be a formative year for adolescent development, the programme will focus on fostering three essential attributes: curiosity, confidence, and community. Students will also:

  • Boost their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Gain greater independence by learning to make their own decisions and taking responsibility.
  • Enhance their resilience.
  • Improve their social and teamwork abilities.
  • Acquire new skills and fresh inspiration.
  • Strengthen their leadership qualities.
  • Form lasting friendships.
  • Expand their comfort zones through challenging but fun activities.
  • Gain an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impact.

Tanglin Trust School | News | Tanglin Highlands Programme

The programme goes beyond preparing students for the present; it’s a commitment to invest in both their future and the growth of generations to come. Tanglin Trust School (Singapore) wants to ensure that they have the skills and mindset to succeed in a changing world. It’s Tanglin way of providing a holistic education that goes beyond books and classrooms as they continue to nurture lifelong learners who can contribute with confidence to our world.

Students won’t just learn academic subjects such as English, Mathematics, Geography and Science (with a focus on Biology) that are in line with the Tanglin 3-14 curriculum. They will participate in Outdoor Education Studies, Positive Education, and fitness programmes designed to enhance their overall fitness, strength, and endurance – all of which will culminate in a transformative Rite of Passage. The curriculum also integrates experiential learning through academic field trips, ecological studies, community interaction, and service learning. Overall, the programme is a holistic way for Year 9 students to learn and grow.

READ MORE: https://www.tts.edu.sg/news-and-events/latest-news/tanglin-news/~board/2022-news/post/the-tanglin-highlands-programme
VISIT SITE: https://www.tts.edu.sg/tanglin-highlands

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