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Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

The Executive Director of Teaching and Learning is charged with leading and coordinating all elements of the SAS academic program from early childhood through grade 12 as well as supporting the development of policies, systems, and structures needed to implement the SAS strategic priorities. This individual will oversee professional learning systems for teachers, teacher leaders, and parents; coordinate preschool through grade 12 implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies; support development and implementation of the SAS strategic priorities; and manage system-wide academic data, assessment, and evaluation.

This position leads and directly supervises the members of the Office of Learning responsible for student services, student well-being, curriculum and assessment, world languages, DEI, and data and research).

Job Functions, Duties and Responsibilities:

Leading Learning

  • Steer the vision for teaching and learning at SAS by facilitating development of policies, structures, and systems needed to implement the SAS strategic direction.
  • Improve student learning across the school by guiding the ongoing collection, analysis, and use of information about student learning (both qualitative and quantitative) to identify programmatic strengths, challenges, and next steps.
  • Lead diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to ensure SAS has a culture in which all students are included and equitably served
  • Create a culture conducive to continuous improvement by establishing, maintaining, and utilizing feedback and evidence to inform decision-making.
  • Lead learning-focused and collaborative ad hoc teams in line with the SAS strategic plan, using structures and resources provided. Build effective teams through recruitment, orientation, coaching, mentoring, and professional learning.
  • Establish and monitor professional learning systems for teachers and teacher leaders.
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement parent engagement programs to deepen parent understanding of strategic directions.
  • Provide direction in educational reform and its application in the international context and participate in on-going training to enhance professional skills and improve the school’s work towards its vision. Serve as an instructional leader role model.
  • Actively participate in the superintendent’s senior leadership team, providing thought leadership in support of the SAS strategic direction

Managing Learning

  • Manage the time, energy and work of the Office of Learning.  This will include:
  • Lead and direct OOL personnel on school-wide and specific departmental strategic initiatives. Establish a collaborative culture among OOL members, provide guidance and support in attaining OOL goals, and coordinate professional growth opportunities for OOL members.
  • Coordinate with division principals to provide leadership and support for implementation of schoolwide strategic priorities at the classroom level. Direct major initiatives from conception through completion. Provide leadership and guidance in decision-making processes at a school-wide level. Initiate and coordinate activities and/or organization of groups to study issues and recommend actions to assure continued enhancement of programs at SAS, and lead the development and implementation of proposed plans.
  • Manage Office of Learning meetings in order to coordinate efforts, build shared understanding, and foster a collaborative culture.
  • Monitor the Office of Learning budget and inventory processes to ensure all resources have the optimum impact of student learning

Other Duties

  • Develop positive and effective communication and relationships in a complex environment with the various constituents of the community including parents, students, faculty, division leadership, and central administration, as well as the international school network at large
  • Strengthen personal performance through self-analysis of actions, participating in professional development activities, exploring educational research, participating in professional organizations, and through formal renewal programs.
  • Perform other related duties and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the deputy superintendent.

Terms of Employment: The successful candidate will be offered a two-year initial administrative contract, with subsequent year-to-year contracts dependent upon demonstrated achievement towards annual goals.

Position Qualifications:   

  • Advanced Degree in Educational Leadership or Curriculum and Instruction
  • Successful experience as an educational leader with preference given to systems leader and/or principal experience
  • Excellent collaboration, interpersonal, facilitation, and communication skills
  • Ability to motivate and collaborate with principals, teachers, and leadership team members
  • Knowledge and understanding of research-proven practices related to academic excellence and student social and emotional well-being
  • Knowledge and understanding of adult learning and demonstrated skill in designing and leading professional development
  • Demonstrated skill in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
  • Strong change leadership and project management skills with demonstrated success in leading major system-wide initiatives from conception to completion
  • Results-oriented, with demonstrated skill in using data to inform and improve student learning and school programs